The attorneys and tax advisers of our office are thoroughly involved in solving complicated matters. Good if possible, angry as it should. With great commitment to our clients. Perfect for people who are looking for a ‘robust’ solution to their problem. 

We started in 2001 with heavyweights in the field of corporate litigation and advice, financial law and tax law. Started as ‘small but brave’, we have grown rapidly to around 45 lawyers and tax consultants.

Clients experience us as ‘on the ball’: quick and solution-oriented. They value the personal style of our partners, our accessibility and clarity. 

We have been at the cradle of the largest mass settlement in the field of liability law in the Netherlands (Dexia) so far and have assisted a bank / insurer in the usury policy issue. We assist Supervisory Board members in one of the largest bankruptcies that the Netherlands has seen in recent decades (KPNQwest), assist the VEB in its proceedings against Fortis and the Dutch State, and we advised the hedge fund on the largest battle for a Dutch bank ever. We are focused on preventing problems with the AFM and DNB, but if necessary also a formidable opponent of these supervisors.

In the field of tax, we specialize in litigation and advice in the national and international planning of companies and of high net worth Dutch people. We strive for innovative but always practical solutions, where necessary in cooperation with foreign top offices.

Spigthoff has now built up a formidable name. That is because quality, focus and guts are central to us.

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