Corporate litigation and advice

A company has several stakeholders: shareholders, supervisory board, management, creditors and staff, to name but the most important parties. Their interests may clash. An extra dimension is added to stock exchange funds: what can be solved in silence and what needs to be shared with the investing public? And when?

An amicable solution is often the best but not always accessible. The Enterprise Chamber is then the forum par excellence. Whether the court is the responsibility of the directors or supervisory directors. Together with our specialists in the field of securities law, Spigthoff has the technical and practical expertise required to efficiently deal with.

In recent years we have assisted all types of players in this field in various high-profile issues, such as:

  • a hedge fund that attacks a listed bank
  • a hostile bidder who wants to buy a stock exchange
  • a minority shareholder who wishes to intervene in the composition of the management board or the supervisory board
  • a board that is going through a difficult period with the supervisory board
  • the members of a supervisory board during a takeover battle
  • liable directors and supervisory directors of listed companies and other companies
  •  a shareholder who wants to get rid of his joint venture partner

Corporate law specialists: 
Louis Berger 
Jacob Cornegoor 
Jerry Hoff 
Frank Peters 
Leo Spigt

Specialists in financial law: 
Frank ‘t Hart 
Jerry Hoff 
Guido Roth